I clearly remember those miserable days when I had to travel to a shop in the scorching sun just to get a recharge done for my phone. Even though the shop was nearby, it felt like it was a hundred kilometers away. Then there were tough times when I had to beg my friends to give me “Rs.5 credit” or plead them to get a recharge done for my phone. 
Those were the “stone-age” days. Today, all I need is an internet connection, and I am sorted! Thanks to the emergence of some fabulous recharge websites in India. Recharging phone anytime and anywhere is now a reality and not any imagination. Presenting to you the most amazing recharge sites in India that are getting popular with each passing day:
1. Rechargeitnow
Among India’s top recharge and bill payment website.  “Rechargeitnow” lets you make instant prepaid recharges and bill payments online. It has major service operators listed with itself such as MTNL, Vodafone, Airtel, Tata Docomo, Reliance, Telenor, Idea, Aircel, Videocon and many more.  
Their app has a rating of above four stars on Google play. To get irresistible deals and offers while making a recharge from here, don’t miss out recharge it now coupons. Now recharge your phone on the spot via here!

2. Freecharge
Wouldn’t it be wonderful. if you could recharge your phone and get tempting offers in return equal to the value of your recharge? If you have always dreamt of this, your dream just came true with Freecharge! The popular website has teamed up with some big shot retailers such as McDonald’s, KFC, Peter England, Café Coffee Day, Dominos, Costa coffee, etc. To hand out the finest coupons to you every time you avail their service. They have a high-security system which is why you need not worry about making transactions there.
3. MobiKwik

You are living in an altogether different era if you haven’t come across the name of MobiKwik.  The insanely famous recharge website has over 8 million users across India. And the number is only growing at a steady speed. You even get a MobiKwik referral bonus of Rs.100 every time your invited friends use it. Don’t forget to make a stop at CashKaro to avail awesome mobKwik coupons to bring down your recharge bill. 
4. Paytm
Paytm is India’s leading mobile e-commerce company. They have more than 20 million users registered with them, and now it’s your turn to reap their benefits. Sign up for Paytm and recharge quickly. For extra convenience, you can put your money from your credit/debit card into Paytm wallet and recharge directly. What You have to do is download their wallet app. And get access to recharge your phone at your suitability.

5. Earnfreerecharge
This is one brilliant recharge website. where you can recharge your phone without paying for it. That’s not all! The methods through which you get to recharge your phone will expand your general knowledge too. Play quizzes and number games here to get rewarded with free mobile recharges.
They also have a list of applications that you have to download. Upon downloading them, you get a certain amount of free recharge. The good news doesn’t end here! Every time your referred friend gets a recharge via here, you get to earn 5% bonus referral earnings. 
For getting your recharge just anytime and anywhere, download their apps. No more traveling to shops or begging to your friends to bid au revoir to your zero balance problems! 

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