Online surveys useful for site owners because they earn good amount from it but, it not good for us. Doing an online survey to download the desired file is the irritating work for everyone. 
It might have happened with you when are looking for a useful file and after finding it. You reach a website, but a survey keeps blocking you to download the file. In that situation, You would think is there is any way to bypass it?
At present,  You might not get the file for that you completed the survey. It would make you angry when you complete the survey and end up with the wrong file. After that, I am sure you would kill anything around you. Because it takes least 5,10 minute to complete the survey. 

Complete a survey is not a big task but when it ask you to fill out your number, mail or other personal information. Then bypassing it the best choice is. I have found few ways to avoid online survey for free, and I think that could save your time as well.

Method 1 of 4: Using

You might have understood it works from site name. It's simple to use this site only thing you have to do is just paste the web address and hit go. After a couple of seconds, Survey will be remove.

Method 2 of 4: Use XJZ Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet uses javascript techniques to remove surveys. It works for surveys that cover content. It might not work on all.
The bookmarklet is free you can add it to visit XJZ Official site. Drag and drop the link into your bookmarks bar to create the bookmark. After that when you visit a site with a survey click the XJZ Survey Remover bookmarklet.

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Method 3 of 4: Using Browser Extension

You will find many extension to bypass surveys but, I going to tell you extension that are free and I have used before.
Google Chrome:
Chrome user can use Bypass Surveys. It doesn't work on all sites, but it should work on most of the sites.
Firefox user can use an extension named Redirect By-passer

Method 4 of 4: Disabling javascript:

It could work on some sites. You need to disable javascript by going into your browser setting.
How to disable javascript in the browser?

Google Chrome:
  • Select 'Settings' and Click Show advanced settings.
  • Click the Content settings button.
  • Click on "Do not allow any site to use javascript".
You can use  Add-on called QuickJava to disable and enable Javascript. 

Can I remove file ice and share cash?
No, you can't these two sites are using different surveys that any software's or script are not able to skip. This two site pays their publisher for each download. It means uploader make money if someone complete a survey and download the file.
My point is this if it may be possible to skip that kind of surveys then it will effect Fileice and Sharecash. I have seen many tutorials and articles that claimed that there is software or script that could skip Fileice or Sharecash surveys but, the truth is they laid. You need to do it manually.

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