What is an RAR file?
RAR is a native format of WinRAR archiver. We usually used RAR file to reduce the file size.

Advantages of using RAR File:
You can protect your file with a password. 
Your files don't effect by a virus. 
You can reduce your file size. 
You can split huge files into a few smaller files. 

What is the use of WinRAR or Winzip? 

In a simple way, we may say, these both tools used to unpack the RAR files. You can also compress the file in RAR format.

Is it Possible to Crack Rar Password?

Well, As you know you can protect your RAR file, but, what if you forget the password. I often check forum where people say you can't crack RAR file password most of you also think that but, I don't. There are many tools available which may able to crack a RAR password. But, I picked up a tool that I have used before is RAR Password Unlocker.
How To unlock a password protected RAR file without a password?

1- Download RAR Password Unlocker from here.

2-  Open the tool and click on the open tab and select your file.

3- After that you will see 3 Attack Types choose any attack that you want and hit start.

  • Brute force attack- it tries all combinations, for example, if the password is like '@#findfreeinfo: 123!' then we use that kind of attack. But, it's a slow method if your password longer than five characters. It may take months to crack.
  • Brute-force with mask attack- It also tries all characters.  You can set the character and password length by click on setting tab.
  • Dictionary attack-That kind of attack used names and places or particular words.
Which attack should you use?

To be honest, it depends on you, it would be quite simple if you have some hint of a password. If the length is over 8 and included many of the characters as symbols, lowercase and uppercase letter, numbers. So I think you would rather use Brute-force attack, than Brute-force with mask attack. But, if you know your password might be in numbers, then Brute-force with mask would be good.

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Is it possible to crack any RaR file?

I would say it's possible as I mention above but remember one thing. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, even years to crack the password and it also depends on how fast your PC or laptop is.

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