Sometimes when we want to send a large file to a friend or anyone. We get confused how to do that stuff. As we all know we can send the file by email attachment but, if your file size is in GB. Then Email attachments is not an option, and all mail services have their file attachment limit. Most of the mail services allow you to send a file of size up to 10-20MB, but that's not enough.
Let me give you my example, one day I had to send a video file to my friend and my file size was 3GB. As you know when file size in GB then it is tough to send it but I did it. I was not only one who had to send that file many people face that problem. I found, many sites that let you send the file of size up to GB, but I am going to tell you five sites that I have used.


DropSend is the perfect solution for that kind of problem. It allows to send files up to 4GB in the free account, and it’s easy to use.This service has limitations in a free account. If you want to remove that kind of limitation, then you'll have to buy Basic or Standard plan.


Wetransfer is another choice for users when it comes to sending a big file without any cost. With the free plan, you can send files up to 2GB, which I think enough. One thing I like about Wetransfer, you can share your files download links to your friends mail.


You might have understood this site roll from its name but, in my opinion, you should use sites that I mentioned above. I don't say Transferbigfiles is a bad site but, it hasn't got good features in the free plan. You can send Up to 100MB which is quite less size if we compare it from WeTransfer and DropSend. But on another hand, we get enough good features in TransferBigFiles personal plan.

#4 Dropbox

My favorite site, I have been using Dropbox for last years because it has many features. You may send up to 10 GB in the free plan, but I am not 100% sure about it because I haven't sent over 5GB file via Dropbox. It has some more features that I could not be cover in this article. You can find more information about this site from Wikipedia.

#5 File email

File mail is a secure and easy way to share a massive dossier. You can send files up to 2Gb without any sign-up. You can transfer any files, and you can also use FILEMAIL  in the major platform like Android, iOS.

Tell me in the comment below which is your favorite site?

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  1. You should try also MyAirBridge ( It is great and easy to use service. For free you can send up to 20 GB, with profile even up to 100 GB.