In this article, we'll learn about PTC (Paid To Click) sites now many people earning very good amount from these sites that is why I am going to tell you about this method there are many ways to earn money online PTC is one of them if you are student then you should check my previous article How Can Students Make Money online so Let me tell about Paid To Click sites.

What are PTC Sites?
In simple way, we can say this is Pay To Click network which pay their publishers to view their advertisement these sites also offer some other type ads I mean you can also earn money to surveys and tasks. recently these sites are very famous on the internet now these sites have millions of members that's why now can find thousand of PTC sites on the internet.

How much can I earn?
It's depending on you if you want to earn money without any investment I mean if make free account then you can't earn much money you don't get high rates  Generally Pay To Click networks gives  $0.02, $0.0001 for an advertisement. but you can increase you earning from referrals. Referral means if any person joins the site from your referral link then you will get a small amount from your referral if you won't able to share your referral link then no problem you can rent referrals. you can also earn more if  become a premium member.

How can I get money?
Once you reach the minimum Cashout you can request for the payment most PTC sites send money through PayPal and Payza, but some sites don't accept Payza, but they accept PayPal you can also learn How to Create PayPal Account.

Don't use any bot and scripts?
Do not take any shortcut I mean to say do not use any bot. There are many bots and scripts available on the internet most of the people use this tool to click their ads automatically but my advice for you don't use any bots because PTC sites don't allow to use that type tools keep remember 1 thing if you use any bot PTC sites banned your account. 

I have used ClixSense which is a very famous site you can also search PTC sites on google you will find thousand of sites.

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