Are you still stealing the article from other blog/sites? Then that's an idiotic thing ever. I have already written why Shouldn't Copy Content From Other blogs? 

In 2008, Google didn't take strict action against copyright. I still remember when I started blogging I used to copy contents from others sites and spin it from any article rewriter tools and past it in my blog.  This trick only worked in 2008,2009. Because Google was not smarter before. But, at present Google caught you if you are copying.
 It's mean now if you want to get PageRank on Google. Then you need to write your contents.

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Now you might have seen many bloggers disabled right click on their blog. To be honest, you cannot stop your contents to being copy. Because there are many tricks to copy text (content) from a right click disabled blog. But, I think you should disable right click In your blog. As I mention above, you can't protect your content, but you can make difficult for other to copy your content.

Here is step by step method:

1. open Blogger and go to the layout section

2. Click on Add a gadget and HTML/JavaScript gadget.

3. Paste this code Link and save the widget.

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