Are you an Android user and you don't know how to download the file faster? As we all know now, mobiles made easy to download the file. We don't need PC to download large files faster from the internet now you can do that thing from Android device. 

I don't say we can't download files without a third party application. Most of Android phones have default application. If you are using Google Chrome and Mozilla or any other browser, then you can download files. But, the saddest part is that you may not get adequate speed, and you would face some problems. It hasn't ended yet Imagine if you are downloading something and it stops at 99%. I am sure, you would kill anything around you. Usually, we download songs, Pics, videos that are not larger files. But when it comes to the large file like games, movies then we need a third party application.

Advanced Download 
Manager (ADM)

ADM is one of the best tools I have ever seen. There are many features in ADM. ADM download files in the background and resumes your failure downloading without any problem. The best part about ADM is it supports all the main video, music sharing sites. But, It doesn't support YouTube (I don't know why). With a free version, you could see some ads in the app. If you want to remove that kind of ads, then you need to buy ADM pro version.
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Turbo Download Manager (TDM)

It seems quite simple (user-friendly). It increases downloading speed up to 5x times. And support all the main browser like Chrome, Mozilla e.t.c. TDM download many files at the same time. It's also run in background progress but, TDM doesn't support Youtube and some File Sharing Sites which need the login.

Loader Droid

I would say It's the best alternative of TDM and ADM. It has some extra features that make it different from other apps. You can resume broken and Loader Droid auto pause file when your phone loses connection. When your phone connection appears then, Loader Droid auto resume paused file.

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