We all like listening to music on our smartphone, but the toughest part is that how we can download music?  and sometimes if have songs on our PC/laptop but we feel lazy to transfer that songs to our mobile that is why I want to share this article with you.
Why Shouldn't We download songs from pirated sites?
As we all know there are many pirated sites available on the internet which are sharing Bollywood songs but I know when I say do not download mp3 songs from pirated sites than more are lips waiting to say "Why" but I am telling you downloading music from pirated sites could be dangerous for you as you know now many Indian people downloading songs from illegal sites because they getting free music there, but you may don't know when your mobile got hacked by pirated sites. To be very honest I have used pirated sites for downloading Bollywood music but as you know these sites are using many pop-up advertisements so when we visit any pirated sites then you'll see many pop ads will appear back to back and that type of ads spread virus (malware) in phone that is why I don't like to download mp3 songs from that type of sites.

There are many apps available which are proving songs in free or some apps charge nominal money so let me tell you top 5 android apps for downloading Bollywood songs.

#1 Hungama

Hungama is a one of the best site to Free Songs & Videos the best part of Hungama is that when you play any song,  Hungama apps automatically downloads that song for offline use. it has the huge music library with over 2 million different type of music genre like Rock, Bhajans, Sad, Romantic, Old music  e.t.c.Hungama  available on android, apple, window, blackberry platform. You can visit Hungama site to listen to music.

#2 Ganna 

Ganna is a good alternative of Hungama, it has the largest collection of new and old Classic music  you can access over 3 million songs over 20 languages. you can create your own playlist as well. ganna apps available on all major platform such as  iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry.

#3 Saavn

In Saavn, you can also listen to songs for free and you can create and save playlists of your favorite songs. it also offers many types of genre music ass well. you need to become Pro user if you want to download songs for offline use and Sasvn available on iOS, Android, but you can visit Saavn official website to listen to songs in free.

#4 Raaga

Raaga is also fit in this category Raaga providing songs and videos in several languages like Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil e.t.c. Raaga is also available on the major platform like  iOS, Android and window phones.

#5 Guvera

it was founded in 2008(according to Wikipedia), Guvera App allows you to listen to Hindi music. you can create your playlist on Guvera like above sites, but I think you should try above apps, I am not saying Guvera is bad apps, but you might not get all Bollywood songs on it.

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So there are some of the best apps to download Bollywood songs, Dhingana was also good apps but  it closed down so tell me which is your favorite.

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