Hello Everyone, in this article I am going to share 5 best free video calling apps for Android. Now everyone has a smartphone and if you don't have a smartphone. Then it shows that you belong poor and backward. But let's come to the point since faster mobile data networks have come. Video calling has become the popular way to communicate with someone through mobile.
Video calling is helpful for those people who want to take their friends and family. Who is living out of the country, If you have an Android phone which has a front camera. Then you can make a video call in free of cost. 
Now there are many apps available for video calling, but I am going to tell you 5 best apps which I have used before.
#1 Skype

There is no doubt that Skype is the one of the best apps for calling. The best part of Skype is that it's available on all major platforms like android, window e.t.c. 
I have been using Skype since last 4 year and like one thing about Skype. It doesn't charge any money, but if want to make a voice call to another person who is not in your Skype contact. Then you need Skype credits. Skype has got 4.1 google play at the time of writing this article. 
Skype features:
  • You can send videos, files, photos for free.
  • You can do unlimited video chatting over Skype.
  • Send and receive instant messages in free of cost.

#2 Viber

Viber is another popular option to make free calls on Android. Viber is often used for sending text messages. It's also allowed text messages, video calling, without any registration. Viber has got 4.3 rating from 5 on google play at the time of writing this article.
 Viber features:
  • You can do free phone and video calls with HD sound quality.
  • You can download simple stickers and animated stickers from the Sticker Market.
  • You can Create a group with up to 100 participants.


According to Wikipedia, Line has over 400 million users worldwide. LINE allows you to do Voice & Video Calls and text Messaging Just like Skype. LINE is also available on all mobile platform included blackberry. In google play store LINE has got 4.2 rating at the time of writing this article.
Line features:
  • You can do free voice and video calls.
  • You'll  find thousand of the unique characters of stickers.

#4 Tango

Tango is also popular apps for calling.  its offer decent features,  you can do high-quality video & phone calls. Tango often uses for video calling. I have used Tango before and I can say that it is the great apps all time. 
Tango features:
  • Free high-quality voice, video calls.
  • You'll  find thousand of the unique characters of stickers.
  • You can create your own group too.

#5 Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger also fit into this category. Yahoo launched an official Yahoo Messenger app for Android  it either offers Voice calls. you can also Chat with Facebook friends and one thing I  like about Yahoo Messenger. 
Yahoo Messenger features: 
  • Free voice, video calls.
  • You can Chat with Windows Live friends.

Tell me in the comment below which is your best apps.

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