Good Evening everyone at present time we see mostly people's want to make blog on the internet and they want to make money online quickly I see mostly people who are making blog's and copy article from other sites and paste it on their blogs they don't know how dangerous is that, I know it is very simple to copy other content, let's check how far it will work .

Why I stopped copying content from other ??

Yes, I also did this thing before actually when I start blogging I didn't know too much about blogging when I start blogging I just wanted to  make money from my blog. I started my 1st blog which is about SEO and technology,  I used to copying article from other blog and paste it in my blog. I had been copying content for 4 months, my blog started receiving traffic from google and other search engines. when my blog was receiving visitors, I applied for Adsense but google Adsense didn't accept my blog I also tried other famous advertising companies, but they didn't approve my blog. i was thinking , what should i have to do for advertising than i found some other advertising companies which was not good but i used it because i wanted to earn money from my blog , i started earning money from my blog everything looked so good . after 4 month i lost my all visitor's and I also got a mail from google about DMCA ,  to be very honest i didn't know about DMCA when i got that mail I searched about DMCA on google than founded DMCA means is 'copyright act '.but, ignored that mail and I just kept on copying content's from another blog after I got 3 mail from google after that google  deleted my blog, then I realized  , I had been wasting my time since 8 months , so I think now you understand how bad it is .  my advice for those Peoples who want to earn money on the internet by blogging don't copy any content from other because it's very harmful for you . 

Why Did I start Stealing content from other site's?

actually I was not able to write English that's why I started stealing content from other. look i from India and my nation language is Hindi and I didn't learn English in my school , but now I realize I did mistake but now I am working on my English and I hope I'll have written English without any mistake . those who are not able to write and speak English join English classes like me and start blogging legal way. 

What, if you are copying other’s content?

  • Google Adsense  won't approve your site.
  • Google and other search engine remove your blog/site from search 
  • if you are using 'Blogspot' than I am 100% sure google will delete your blog 
  • you'll lose your visitor and you cannot earn money from your blog 

What, if I start a professional blog (Legal way)?

Hmm, now you're on right track if you want to make a successful blog, write own content then you will see nobody claiming your blog, you never get any copyright mail from google and other search engines. Once you  start writing article in your blog maybe you won't get traffic in your blog in beginning but when you start receiving traffic (visitor) then no one can't stop you. 

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