Now as you can seeing on the internet mostly people earning money and many people want to make money online, but when you start making money online, you need a mode to receive money, especially in India. Most people aren't able to make PayPal account because they are facing few problems while making this account. I know there are many tutorials available on the internet about this topic, but Indian people still facing problems to create PayPal account so I'll teach you how you to create PayPal account in India.

Is PayPal the only way to receive money in India?

Not at all, there are many ways available on the internet for collecting money like Payza, WebMoney, Western Union e.t.c. but I like receiving money via PayPal because it's very simple you can easily receive and transfer your money anywhere and 1 more thing  I really like about this service you don't need debit or credit card to open PayPal account in India but if you want to send money then you need to add your debit or credit card but if you only want to receive money than you don't have to do this thing . I have been using PayPal for three years because this service is accepted by every merchant online. I am earning money from the several site, and they all sites like sending money thru Paypal but they support some others service.

Steps To Create your account:

  • Open in your browser and you have to select two options business account or personal account both accounts are good but in the beginning, I think you should have to start with a personal account.

  • Now you have to fill up a form; you need to fill required information after that you have to verify captcha code for security purposes

  • After that PayPal ask you to enter your credit/debit card details you can skip it for later, remember one thing you can receive money without entering your credit/debit card details but if you want to send money than you need to enter credit/debit card details.

  • Congrats now you have a PayPal account, but when you open your account, it’s a limited PayPal account.

Why should I have to remove PayPal limitation?

Look it's imperative to remove limitation because if you don't remove this limit then you won't able to receive money in your account, but you can send money to anyone using your Credit or Debit card and I also want to tell you PayPal only accept a few Indian Credit & Debit cards. I am using Axis Bank card which works fine.

Steps To Verify your account:

  • Click on complete your task 

  • Now you need to complete these four tasks:

After submitting your pan card you need to add your bank account and remember one important thing Once you are done adding the bank account, this service will send you two small deposit. When you receive the deposits, you need to enter the amount to complete verification.

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