There is no doubt that Infolinks is best Alternative of  Google Adsense. This service helpful for those people who didn't get Adsense approval account. Now as you can see its too tough to get Adsense account. Especially Indian people facing many problems to get Adsense account. If you have Adsense account I mean if you are using Google Adsense on your blog then you still use this service. It'means you can earn more money from your blog without any problem. I have seen many people who are using both services on their blog.

What is Infolinks?
Infolinks an advertising network, it offers a couple of type of ads formats. Like in-text, in-frame, in tag. It depends on you what kind of ads you want to use on your website/blog. I have been using Infolinks ads since last year on my other blog and now Infolinks about to send me my payment. One thing I like about this service, its minimum payout is $50.which is a little amount. Not like other advertising networks where you have to wait a long time to get your payment. 
When can I apply for Infolinks?
If you have the quality of text content and your blog receiving over 4k page views, then you can apply for Infolinks. Let me give you my example. I applied for Infolinks when I had been receiving over 3k page views daily. Remember one thing sometimes this service might not verify those blogs that are using .blogspot URL. My advice for those who are using a subdomain. If you want to get Infolinks approval account then buy a domain name for your blog and after that apply for Infolinks.
How Much can I earn?
To be honest, it depends on your blog, the more traffic you have, the more you'll earn. Sometimes it depends on the country. I have been using Infolinks for a long time. And I realized if your blog is getting traffic from the Asian country, you may get low CPM rate but for U.k and U.S.A traffic you'll get high CPM.

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