Hello everyone now I am going to tell you how to open blocked links. Now links not working in India and people's don't have any idea how to access that link.

Everyone knows about is a URL Shorter service that pays his publishers for posting their links. It means publishers can make money by sharing this service links on their blogs, and now It's become a most popular way to make money online. Everyone using this service for making extra money from their blog.

But last year blocked in India. But This site is not officially disclosed in India. That's why sometime's link is working and sometimes not, And now if you download any file such a game's and movie from any site or blog. You would see download links are in so you can't access this type of download links.

How To open link in India ?

Method: 1 -

* Change  TO

For example -  TO http:// 

Method: 2 -

 * Open =

*  Enter your link into the text box and click Expand

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